4pm and it's light outside

I'm a bit of a tree grass and plant lover, gazing out into the garden and dreaming of Spring from my desk. Although I didn't mind the frost this morning it's just gone 4pm and it has dawned on me that that it's still quite light outside, what a revelation.

It's been a full on Monday, lots of boxes ticked, posts launched customers emailed and plans in place for this week plus 2 meetings with established clients to touch base on what we plan to do for 2020. One regarding social media posts and advertising the other, also social media, some design and the planning of a new annual event for the business, which is all quite different from the other work I do. We held a 10 year anniversary party last September which was a great success so we hope to build on that this year.

It's very peaceful and quiet in my office this afternoon, in fact you could hear a pin drop. My 5th or 6th glass of water next me, something I've grown to accept the past month as I've undertaken a 28 day (but I intend to stick to it) gym and diet plan. Not a diet diet, about 80/90% less carbs, which is fine and although I thought I drank a lot of water, clearly I didn't. Feeling good, 3 weeks in and it's something I can sustain as it's nothing too drastic, I don't miss the bread, pasta, rice etc. and I haven't given up the sugar in my tea a couple of times day! that had to stay. I've never really done anything like this before but totally trust Stu at https://stu-niquefitness.co.uk I'm enjoying going to the gym when I can and following the plan he's set out for us all. Despite having been a fitness instructor throughout my twenties sometimes it's better to be told what to do and follow instruction to make sure you get the most out it. 

On with the week ahead!! I must remember to order some new business cards.

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