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A different week

It's been a different week, but then all my weeks are different. I guess I've just caught up from the slight disruption of Christmas and got back into the flow as too have our clients. It's been quite a calm week. Clients have been sending me new images and content unprompted which is always lovely! Further on with a new website, and the opportunity to use a paid Shopify theme is great as usually we only use the free themes, as most of our websites are more 'affordable' and tight on budget. It's been wonderful to explore some different themes and work with one which gives the client a very slick finish.

The work for one client has changed and in a more creative way which works perfectly for us. We were just posting crossing Twitter & Linkedin for several businesses on hootsuite for this one client but are now challenged with only creating the design and content of the posts adding to it two other new clients as and being more involved on LinkedIn, so all good. It's the only advertising agency we work with where we look after a number of other accounts for the one client.

Appointment booked with a brand new client next week in the beauty industry this time. Our lose agreement is that they can pick us up and put us down as and when, so likely will use our social media and blog services for spring summer and then reduce their requirement over the autumn and winter. Most clients employ our services all year round, but we are very flexible and understand that some businesses are busier at certain times of the year.

Lastly excited for a new start with our Charity client and a specific venture she is building. I've been asked to stand in for her at an event next week which I'm really looking forward to and in the meantime devising a strategy for a new social enterprise, launch and fund raising event, very different from our other work at Quack, gets the brain cells working!

Other than that I'm sporting a new hair cut! out with the long hair and in with a neater bob! Certainly helps with the exercise which I'm increasing. Healthy body healthy mind!

The one thing I didn't manage this week, was a visit to the Spring Fair in B'ham simply couldn't fit it in, maybe next time.

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