Baby it's cold outside

Many of the blogs or social media posts I write can sometimes revolve around our great British weather. Having to devise something new everyday or 3 times a week for clients who are too busy to send you new images, testimonials or news, as a social media manager you have to keep it going.

I don't sit down in the morning and think, mmm they've not sent me anything new, instead I create something interesting. Today for example for one of my clients I designed a post about frozen down pipes and gutters. People like helpful tips for their home and it shows the company cares about their customers. It can't always be sell sell sell unless you're selling Nike trainers for a bargain price and then of course most people would want to hear form you.

I completely understand business owners are busy running and steering their companies and coping with everyday challenges, hence they use me!! So when we get a particularly cold snap, I think 'yes' I've got plenty to write about.

For another client who has recently launched a new website, it was a simple 3 line post on Facebook and Twitter today reminding people that they can sign up for their newsletter. It isn't something the business often advertise so today seemed like a good time! especially as people are looking to get away on last minute deals.

I guess it's all about having lots and lost of ideas, all the time. In the run up to Christmas I hope I'll be flooded with inspiration!

What else have I done this frosty Monday? updated my website with new images and some new content. The beauty of having a Shopify website, it's so quick and easy to do. I've decided when I'm going to down tools for Christmas so I have a plan in place, I'm feeling pretty proud of myself today!

Onto some plans for 2020 tomorrow, alongside the usual social media posts. I also have a new enquiry in about a new website, so that should be interesting.

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