Facebook advertising - going well on a small budget

Facebook advertising doesn't take up much of our time. But we are asked to place adverts for a few clients from time to time. Last week 2 requests came in at the same time. Both clients we'd been trying to encourage to do 'something' not spending very much but one in particular is great local business and they really need to 'up' their followers on Facebook.

Its very easy to get it wrong, it's easy to have a boring post or even a not very interesting business that people really have no interest in 'liking' or 'following'. In fact if we'd had put a bet on it, I personally would have done pretty well on the outcome.

Client A. Nice images, something everyone, most people are interested in, great service and adds value to the home. Bingo their £25 advert spent over 5 days had racked up 50 new followers in just the first 3 days, in fact it might be up to 60 today. We are super pleased and so is the client. It was a bit of a test/trial, with a small budget to see if I'd gaged it right.

Client B. Also in the home 'arena' I wasn't sure they would fare quite as well which they haven't but 17 new followers by day 2 and growing, so we tweaked the advert today, changed the title, a few of the images and set it running again, so lets see how it does. Very pleased with both adverts as they are running, using only small budgets and only in Leicestershire area.

We made sure before we designed them that we looked at their competition, both clients have competition who advertise on Facebook pretty much continuously, so we have some ground to make up. But a great start.



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