For anyone who stumbles across this between Christmas and New Year...

Its that in-between time, Christmas is polished off, I've collated all the Christmas cards into one pile, one inside the other and presented them on my sideboard. Having them on mass just gets too much after a week or so, so I've not thrown them away, just made them look tidier, I do it every year!

Not my usual 7-7.30am start today, more like 8.45am. Sat with a mop of tussled hair in a baggy grey sweatshirt, shorts? and Ugg slippers with a huge scarf on and the dog on a chair beside me.

I knew today wouldn't be a full day of work, although it looks like I'll be pretty busy all morning, a few social media posts to design and update, a couple of accounts to check over. A day working but I've decided to be kind to myself and allow myself to be a little more relaxed and ease into the day.

I've updated my website this morning, removed all the Christmassy stuff and about to do the same for a clients Shopify site I manage. Several social posts already executed this morning, toast and tea consumed.

I must must get myself a new diary for 2020 and stop procrastinating over which one to choose. I take it quite seriously... after all it's like my bible each day and accounts for all my movements for work and home so it's important I get the right one. But so far I haven't made my mind up.

My ultimate is this Tiffany diary, I think I deserve it!!! but not sure it's a wise financial decision so that might have to wait till next year! But I can dream...


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