Where's my diary?

I think I left it a bit late to order this new diary I mentioned in my last post. Yes the Tiffany one was but a dream this year. I'm expecting my 2020 very basic but perfectly adequate diary to be delivered later today.

It's Friday already and Christmas seems like a lifetime ago. All twitter posts bar one client picked up again today, I've got lots of planning for future client posts to think about, create and mull over today and no doubt over part of the weekend.

The sun is shining and I'm going to give myself a break in a moment to head to the tip! oh the fun of it, but life has to carry on and those bags of clipping from the garden are not going to shift themselves. Plus it's important not to 'sit' for too long which is very easy in this job.

I was 'back in the saddle' yesterday officially although as with today it won't be a full day of work as I'm waiting on a few clients to get back to me on things, so it's a nice ease into the New Year.

Several meetings in the diary (the old one) but dated for next week and the week after with clients. Visiting new premises, getting together to talk posts and strategy and images, images from clients can be the hardest thing to get hold of!!

Lastly a part of my brain is fixed and constantly focused on the horrific fires in Australia. I grew up in Melbourne and in daily contact with my best friend over there, the news, the loss of human and animal life, homes, businesses, forests it is truly apocalyptic. The world needs to pray for rain.

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