Case Study

Fogarty Filled Products ltd.

Fogarty Filled Products were established in 1877. The company has a long heritage and national reputation for their quality, duvets, pillows and mattress protectors. Fogarty had their own basic website in place when I met them in December of 2014 however they did not sell online. Despite the thousands of people who visited Fogarty's site for information and advice. To some extent I had a free reign when it came to the layout and the theme I choose for their site. It needed to be fluid and able to carry as much information about Fogarty and their products as possible with room to grow.

A theme was chosen which offered a large number of products to sell and the facility to include a good deal of information. All the imagery was supplied to the specific sizes I required in order for the website to flow seamlessly from topic to topic.

The site was started in January and went live on 1st February 2015, all in all it took me approx. 3 weeks to design from start to finish. The site has proved to be a great success. It is easily updated and maintained. I remained at Fogarty for 10 months updating the site and establishing the companies social media until the project came to an end.