Social Media Management & Shopify Website Design

We design and also manage your business social media posts across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  

We design great looking simple Shopify websites for ecommerce and non-ecommerce.

'Many thanks to Karen from Quack Media who has done a sterling job of it!!!!! Brilliant from start to finish!!'

A few things we've been up to

My new logo

Rather overdue! but it's not easy designing for yourself. Following on from a number of black and white web and social projects I've been working on I came up with this. No getting away from the name I'm afraid.

Poetry in motion

I'm excited to have been published for the second time, for my poetry. This is one of my own posts from LinkedIn. You can purchase this new Networking book from Amazon.

New Shopify project

Very much enjoying this latest Shopify website project for a new and soon to open sound and recording studio. Very different for me and I'm loving the darker moody colour scheme. Deadline, end of October.

Examples of the posts we design

A series of posts

Often we are provided with a list of captions/sentences from a client and from that we devise a series of graphic posts. Often the client will post these images on their own social media platforms.

Making a spectacle

New clients and social media posting for local Leicester firm, Olympus Eyewear. Early days but a good start.

6 week social media build up -

to a creative workshop. 3 posts a week, one boost and one page advertising campaign on Facebook & Twitter. 3 Weeks into promoting this workshop and 'sign-up' are going well, engagement has been great, despite the very limited demographic.

A few of our logo designs - bright and bold or traditional