Quack is a Shopify, design and social media agency based in Leicestershire.

Hello, I'm Karen, owner of Quack Media.

Here at Quack we design and manage Shopify websites, great looking affordable static or e-commerce websites. Social media design for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Logos, branding and advertising design, with a few small marketing projects thrown in for special people!

My own background is in design and manufacture for the gift industry, having co-owned a busy, 45 people strong design agency working with Tesco, Monsoon and John Lewis over a 20 year period. I set up Quack Media, specialising in what I thought, I was best at and enjoyed the most.

We design and (sometimes post) engaging social media to provide interest, increased traffic and sales to our wide variety of clients. We create the design and the client manages their own posting across their accounts. Clients work with us on an ad-hoc or monthly fee basis.

Quack brings structure and consistency to online marketing for firms who do not have the resources, time or imagination to do this themselves. 

You can call on us to design stationery, logos & leaflets and small scale marketing and event organising. 

We work with an array of businesses, across many different industries from windows to finance, solicitors to charities, online retailers to beauty therapists, photographers to Private Family Offices.

If you'd like to find out more, please contact Karen, details can be found on the 'contact us' page.

Or you can find me on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.