Branding & logos

We are very flexible, it is not a one size fits all service.

id Portfolio. This consists of a 2/4 page document, taking all your ideas, loves and interests into account to devise a colour pallet, look and feel for the branding, images and references, strap-lines and logo suggestions up to 12 designs. £240.

Logo design only. 8-12 design options, multiple ideas, colours and design styles, with strap-line options. £150-£240. Changes are all included but please bear in mind we can only change a design, so many times, if it results in a complete re-design further costs will be involved.

A quick logo. Some people simply want a quick logo, we understand! Clients who pretty much know what they want. We send you a brief idea of styles and colours, then follow up with approx 6-8 designs and if we're all happy? it is possible to come within the £150.

June 2021

A new business requiring a bold simple business card. No further branding at present for this mobile hairdresser. I love the name and it made sense to use hair in the image. 8 designs were created and the owner liked this one from the beginning. Simple, bold and memorable. Strangely no changes or alterations, briefed on the Wednesday, presented and approved on the Thursday! (A quick logo).

May 2021

Logo no. 2 for Bunny and Clarke, Uppingham store and online. Owner Anneli, I've known for years, we maintain and update her Shopify website and designed the new Bunny and Clarke logo in 2019. Anneli know's what she likes and required a new logo for a sub brand launch of kids products. We mulled over some names, in the end Anneli came up with Bunniikids. An initial idea's page was sent to make sure we were on the right track, followed by up to 12 different logos, until we narrowed it down to 2, then 1 and then I presented a page of the 1 logo using different colours, until the final decision was made.

Often the client needs a starting point, they need to know you are on their wave length and understand what they want. There is no point going away and coming up with ideas or a presentation if you haven't first established that you have understood the brief. This is why we always send a few ideas to make sure the client is happy with the direction we are taking them in.


March 2021

A comprehensive full branding project for 'Rent for your event' The colour pallet minus the blue was provided by the client. So too the look and feel she was after. I presented many designs, in fact several pages worth, in all the branding colours until a decision was made on the font, the main colour and the style. It was lovely to design something so pretty and elegant. Happy Client.

Below a selection of the designed presented and the final logo which was supplied in numerous formats and colours.



January 2021

Having been tasked with the job of tidying up a new website and making it look more engaging and easy to navigate, we suggested we design the client a logo as they didn't have one.

'I'd like it simple, sharp, contemporary,' the client said. A quick example was emailed over which the client loved however a further 5 were designed to make sure the client had received our best ideas. Still the client went with her first choice 'you've read my mind' Helen - Baby Bag Boutique. This set of logo ideas cost £99. It's important when the client is after something quick and knows what they want to tweak what we do, rather insisting they have the 'full works' or more than they need. The strap-line 'It's in the bag' simply arose while designing the logo. The client loved the grey, however we offered the logo in black and a colour.

Nov 2020

A range of logo's was been created for a new website, 'New Dawn.' In fact the client didn't even have a business name, so using all the words and descriptions associated with the items she sold, holistic candles, crystals, essences etc, several options were generated and 'New Dawn' was chosen. The domain was purchased quickly and on we went with logo options.

It was important the logo was very simple, clean stylish and timeless, using The White Company, Jo Malone and similar brands as inspiration, we came up with the following, all based on the clients favourite colours, muted pink, grey, sage. The logo with the red tick was the one chosen, with the grey boarder on candle labels and without on other media. The circle represents the moon and the sun which have a huge involvement within the ethos of the brand. 

We designed a very short strap-line, 'For Life's Journey', the client had put forward her own which was quite long but when we stood back and looked at the logo, we both agreed the shorter one, worked the best. Mid grey as a colour with a white background for simplicity.

Branding projects can take on any guise from simple quick logos through to large projects and presentations.

August 2020 

A project for local Accountant Fosse Financial Solutions. Owner Matt, a young father who loves the outdoors, wanted something fresh, clean and modern but had no idea where to start. With new ways of working online and remotely, Matt needed a brand identity to advertise on social media. No.1 Branding. No 2 Website. No 3 Social Media design and advice.

For Matt we created a simple 3 page presentation (id Portfolio), all about him, his work, his clients, likes, loves, goals. We were really pleased Matt agreed with our choice and decided on the most contemporary design of the blue tree. Simple, clean and sharp, like his business. However the client is free to choose and doesn't always ask for my opinion.

Logo agreed, strap line agreed, logo's provided along with a Twitter and LinkedIn header. Now onto the new website, graphics and plans for social media and how he will advertise his services and engage with others on Twitter and LinkedIn.


New branding for a Mental Health, Psychotherapy business called Caffee Coach. From the initial name, logo design and subsequent website.

Leaflet Design

From £99 for leaflet design. We will also handle the printing of your leaflets if required or recommend our local printer M-Print Design