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Social Media Management

WOW! what more can I say, I felt it was very important that my website showed that I was up to date, in touch and in tune with all the latest news and all that is happening in the world.

If there was a time to reach out and engage with your customers, even if it's to take their minds off this terrible pandemic, now is that time.

If your business require help with content, post design or both, please get in touch. There is no one side fits all, all our clients are different. We don't have to manage your social media, we can simply come up with the ideas, design the posts and send them to you to upload... March 23rd 2020.

Quack Media manage a growing number of business social media accounts, across Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. We also write and design weekly or monthly blog posts for a variety of businesses.

Quack post in real time and also manage Hootsuite accounts.

Consistency is at the heart of what we do. Quack works with clients to plan when and how often to post, what those posts should look like and the content they contain.

Social media, what does it cost?

Social media management by Quack starts at £170 per month. Please ask for more details as every business need is different. 

Social media post design, only

More and more now I am asked to just design the posts for clients, not post them across social media, 4, 6, 12 posts at a time. For more information please email me.

Reports and planning

For most of our clients we either report at the end of each week or more commonly at the end of each month. Detailing posts, interactions, new followers, best received, new business etc. These reports serve as a quick, 'how are we doing, what works best and what can we do differently' for companies and their social media presence.

A few examples of the posts we design.