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Social Media Management

We approach things a bit differently here at Quack. One size does not fit all, every customer is different and many of them want different things from their social media. Most often we look at the person or the company, evaluate who they are, what their message or goal is and then decide what course of action to take.

It's not about the volume of your posts, the questions or discussions you may decide to start up, it's about you and how people perceive you. Above all we will ask you to engage with others, comment, like, share.. what's goes around, comes around.

If there was a time to reach out and engage with your customers, even if it's to take their minds off this pandemic, now is that time!

If your business requires help with content, post design or both, please get in touch. We don't tend to manage client social media platforms (anymore), but we can come up with the ideas, design the posts and send them to you to upload.

Consistency is at the heart of what we do. Quack works with clients to plan when and how often to post, what those posts should look like and the content they contain.

Social media post design, only

More and more now we are asked to 'only' design the posts for clients, not post them across social media, 4, 6, 12 posts at a time. For more information please contact us. We charge by the hour or total no. of posts required a month.


A few examples of the posts we design.