10.30 pm

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10.30 pm

What better time to write a new blog post? while I'm waiting online for a Shopify expert.

I'm really enjoying the new design work I'm getting in, I absolutely love creating logo's and coming up with colour schemes, whether from scratch or based on a clients ideas.

This weeks success story is the new logo for Bunniikids, a sub brand of Bunny and Clarke, more info on our branding page on the website.

Although I love colour and cuteness, I also like bold and dynamic and traditional, I'm not a one trick pony! But give me colour any day.

The past few weeks I've spent combining work and moving my parents stuff into their new home, it's been a challenge to say the least to keep on top of everything, but when you love your work, it doesn't feel like work, hence I'm sat here at this time of night. Although this is very rare for me and only because I actually need some assistance myself.

I've mastered switching off from work at the end of the day, but I'm still happy to login or look over something if asked. I finish at 5, but occasionally I'll get an email or a text from a client who has forgotten something. I'd much sooner if I can do it then and there rather than leaving it till the next day, sometimes it's better to do things while it's fresh in your mind.

On with several Shopify projects in the morning and a few people to chase up.

For once I've actually invested in a FB advert this evening, I never run them for myself but because I've had the time tonight to think about it, I realised it was long overdue. I really don't advertise Quack enough, so here goes!. Pushing the boat out spending £20!!

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