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Yep it's very obvious this week that everyone is back full swing after the summer 'semi-lull'. One of my favourite clients, not sure I'm allowed to say that but anyway, I've known her since we were at school and our paths have crossed many times over the past 25 years. Shop, Cafe and Online Store owner of homewares and accessories. To cut a long story short, we met to -revamp her business social media. I am all for changing, redesigning, reworking and altering what I do for clients every few months to bring about newness, new ideas and keeping things...

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I think this is what I will remember from this summer. Sat at my desk looking out at beautiful sunshine or rain rain rain. How very British of me discussing the weather! The emails and the phones calls have steadily increased this past week as August is now upon us and those clients or contacts who had taken it easy in July have now sprung back into action so it's full steam ahead. Yesterday I had an email from a client, 'Karen can we hold off on the social media, we have too much work'. Great news, they were really...

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A few weeks ago I took on a couple of new clients all within a few days of one another, it was my aim for all three to get a few weeks of social media posts under our belts first to bring about some organisation, styling and consistence to the posts. Now that is done I will be setting out ideas for Facebook advertising campaigns for each of the businesses. All the businesses are very different however their campaigns will follow a similar format. I will start off by trailing an ad campaign first, designing the new FB header as...

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