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It does and my clients are testament to this. Having glanced at my own traffic this morning on my website I was met with this: When I ran the social media for Melton Premier Estate Agents in Leicestershire (now under new ownership) nearly 85% of their traffic came directly from their Facebook page. Despite my own small following on Facebook, although I run social media accounts for a business, my own Facebook is only updated once a week and I because of the clients I work with I don't like to advertise what I'm doing for them too much. Although...

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A few weeks ago I took on a couple of new clients all within a few days of one another, it was my aim for all three to get a few weeks of social media posts under our belts first to bring about some organisation, styling and consistence to the posts. Now that is done I will be setting out ideas for Facebook advertising campaigns for each of the businesses. All the businesses are very different however their campaigns will follow a similar format. I will start off by trailing an ad campaign first, designing the new FB header as...

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