What does it cost for Quack to run your social media?

New prices loaded onto the site today.


Social Media works

I think I can safely say social media works, well I should know this shouldn't I? as I run other peoples accounts. However I somewhat neglect my own, partly because I don't like to shout from the roof tops about what I do but also because I guess I was a bit worried my work would grow too quickly? Yes it's an excuse!

Anyway lately I've been posting more about what I do and now within about 7-10 days have 7 more prospective clients. OH MY GOODNESS!! as they say 'be careful of what you wish for'.

I'm looking forward...

Keeping it simple win win win

I'm trying to keep it simple, not throw myself into too many things and not be pulled into areas of business which are not my speciality but sound interesting or exciting. It's not easy when you've worn so many hats.

This very thing happened to me last week, my creative side said 'yeh I can do that' but my business head said 'no, you know someone who is better suited in that field, pass the business onto them', so that's what I did. Low and behold the 'client' thanked me very much and said 'we still want to talk to...

Falling leaves

I set the alarm on my phone this afternoon to make sure I took our dog Buster out again, although my patio doors are wide open (it's not that warm) and I love walking him, I can get so carried away sat at my Mac, that the alarm makes me get up and out. We had a lovely walk across the fields, sat for a few minutes on the church bench and then I headed home, only a few doors down to get on with more work. 

I've had 2 new small websites to quote for this afternoon and Melton...

Highs and Lows

I've been looking for a clever quote to add to my blog today but I couldn't find one that fitted what I wanted to say, so I've come up with my own:

''When you work for yourself, you have to be prepared for the daily highs and lows. One minute someone tells you they LOVE your work, you've got the job and the next they've changed their minds. Always approach these situations with acceptance and grace, although your client may not behave the same way, you can move on with your head held high''... Karen Wilbourn

So my head is...