A little time out

A little time out

Sneaky cuppa...

My usual morning at Lnet Digital today working with web and see clients followed by a sneaky catch up with a friend.

With a cold

Mondays are always my busiest days, most days are pretty busy but there is alway catching up to do on a Monday and some planning for the week. I manage my time well and most posts go out on a Monday Wednesday and Friday. I have a few clients I post for on a Tuesday and a Thursday.

I've had a cold all week, which hasn't helped but you just have to get on with it, especially when you work for yourself, so I've been sat with my Ugg slippers and warm woollen coat on all afternoon to keep warm....


No I'm not KUKU although I feel like it sometimes, I'm talking about the boutique networking of KUKU Connect. I was invited by owner Stephen Goddard to attend his new Melton group meeting last night and took along with me two other guests.

I know I speak often of my 'not so sure' feelings about networking but yet again I've been proved wrong. It was lovely evening and I met a great bunch of people who were all there to clearly network.

Think I'll be going again!



Strangely for me, I will be attending 3 networking events this week! shock horror! compared to 0 most weeks.

This morning I attended the MIBN Mums in Business Networking, held at Eye Kettleby Lakes in Melton Mowbray. Tomorrow I am subbing for a friend, Beccy Pope from The Virtual PA at the WIBN, Women In Business Network at Beadles Lake Rearsby, Leicestershire and I have just been invited to attend Kuku Connect networking evening on Wednesday night. I wouldn't normally attend an evening event however I've been meaning to get the KuKu networking events all year and being in Melton...

Happy Halloween

Busy busy today thinking up different ideas for a number of clients who's social media posts all relate to Halloween, of course! Here are a few of them.

I always believe in making the most of every occasion or event where social media is concerned.