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Well not really, only a few weeks. Today I came across this quote, not sure where it's from but I liked it because I'd never heard it before. How true I thought. Everyone is broken a little, some a lot. But we still work and we can still move forward with our lives. I was doing my usual Monday thing which was having a mild calm inner panic as it was Monday the start of a new week. Not this trendy 'overwhelm' business you hear about these days. I never used to get this when I was younger unless (which was...

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I've only just started the re-fresh of my site, so apart from a few colour changes I haven't got round to much more. #musttryharder it will have to be a work in progress. My plan is to complete re-design it. Very pleased to say that 'word of mouth' has introduced me to a few new clients, so I really must start to consider taking on some help, but it's always a tricky one, taking on your first member of staff. You almost feel you should be at the point of no return and then seek help, but I do hope...

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