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It's been a different week, but then all my weeks are different. I guess I've just caught up from the slight disruption of Christmas and got back into the flow as too have our clients. It's been quite a calm week. Clients have been sending me new images and content unprompted which is always lovely! Further on with a new website, and the opportunity to use a paid Shopify theme is great as usually we only use the free themes, as most of our websites are more 'affordable' and tight on budget. It's been wonderful to explore some different themes and work...

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Hello July... Have things slowed down? The enquiries have in the past two weeks, I've had a number of 'see you in August' messages, 'can I leave it till August' which I'm more than happy about as I am away for a few days myself in July. I still have a steady flow of, logo's leaflets etc. alongside my day to day posting and Shopify work, but it's nice to be able to catch my breath.  This morning was spent with a client in Leicester running through an event we are working on for Sept, which is all going to...

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Is my word of the week! It's 4.42pm on Friday and I think I'm going to call it a day. My check list is all ticked off for the week and I've started to plan next week with a long 'to do' list for Monday. Today I met with a client in Leicester, parked up at Victoria Park and walked into Leicester, it was really lovely. Great meeting, I offered a few new contacts and some light marketing suggestions, so all was well and it's great to see people face to face every so often. Yesterday I found myself logged...

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