A change of scene

With regards to my website that is.

I was excited to collect a new Mac two weeks ago, finally being able to hand my husbands back to him that he has leant me the past few years. Something I'd put off doing for a while.

Social media post design is in full force, we are working with an array of different companies and clients seem to like 'bulk buying' a series of posts and content, which they upload as and when themselves.

I've not updated my site for a month so I though today I'd devote an hour to brining it up to date, which I feel is very important. I've also given it a complete colour change and gone all autumnal from blue and bright green to orange, red and dark green. I'm looking forward to the Christmas change!

Very pleased at how well the Xtreme wake site is doing and the booking app by 'Book that app' which proved to be perfect for their site. Yesterday I launched the new upgrade for Bunny and Clarke, this time swapping their old them for a lovely new 'paid' theme called Motion, which I love (on Shopify). My next web project, unless a delayed one comes in before it is for a new music venture, which I am very much looking forward to working on now we have designed the branding.

Keep it coming!



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