About time

I haven't written a blog since January, despite telling my clients to write one each month!

It's been a chaotic and sad few months with the death of my lovely dad at 87 years of age in February, my son flying off to Australia to play rugby in March, my daughter about to sit her GCSE's and combing all of this with running a small business and life in general.

Having trained as a mindfulness teacher over the past few years, www.calmermindhappierlife.com it has proved invaluable in dealing with the change and pacing myself at work and coming to terms with all the heartache.

The world of work continues to spin. I have several Shopify projects in progress, marketing campaigns and lots of design going on. I never take on more than I can handle and even though the saying goes 'say yes then work it out' I do know my limits and I do know if the work isn't right for me, so I'm happy to pass that on or recommend someone else, so I've had a bit of that as well.

Strangely for me I have 2 work events this week, not really one for attending many black tie events but grateful to have been invited. What to wear? now that's the most important question this week!

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