We arrived home late yesterday afternoon from Cromer and 5 days away, it was lovely. I'm not sure I've ever been so grateful to walk along the beach, sit in the sun and soak in 'time away'. The weather was great and minus my son who was working the three of us and Buster our dog had a lovely relaxing time.

Everything seemed much the same as at home in terms of masks and social distancing, the beaches were not busy and we managed to pretty much keep to ourselves.

A few long walks, time on the beach, bbq's... it was great. I worked everyday I was away to keep on top of everything, a few hours each morning and then later on in the afternoon seemed to be enough to keep things ticking over. A few projects I postponed to next week so I could make the most of being away.

But today I knew, 'crikey' there was so much to do. With my long list of jobs, calls, posts, notifications, proposals etc. I ticked each one off as I completed it.

I'm not sure if the heat affects the internet but ours went down around half 3 just as I was due to make a few calls, hey ho, better late than never.

The washing machine has been going all day... visits to it and out to the washing line have been my only breaks, but now it's the weekend and all our ducks at Quack are back in a row.

Hoping to be back at the seaside again soon.

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