Crutches and Castles

Crutches and Castles

A second family member on crutches in 4 months. No sooner had my son returned to work after his ACL op and my husband is in having a nasty leg straightening op. It's a slow recovery.

I'm spending my days sat with headphones in listening to and glancing over at all sorts of documentaries and make over programmes of all sorts, while I work away. Making endless cups of tea and coffee, lunches, dog walks and general 'are you ok?' I shout from my desk.

Quite a bit of design work on and the completion of a few projects with a meeting this week planned with a brand new client. I love the variety but the juggle of both the men in my life and their leg ops has been a tad challenging, anyway these things are sent to try us and we're coming through the other side.

I am looking forward to a special day out next Thursday, I can't wait. I'll be meeting a friend in Windsor, for a tour around the castle (love castles) and a relaxing day out.

On my goal list for 2021 were days out and visiting places I've always wanted to see but never made the time for.


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