Dressed for the part

I'm not sat in my running leggings and a sweatshirt today, I am fully kitted out in a smart blouse and grey loose trousers, hair blow dried (it always is but but I spent more time on it this morning). New smart Veja trainers, I'd love a neon pair (note to self), make up, the lot.

Working from home for me is all about structure, commitment, discipline and being organised. I found it challenging over Easter with my daughter home from school, husband off on holiday and my son who is convalescing after a knee op. Although I've got through this, throughout lockdown, Easter was difficult because they were all 'off' and I was sat working all day, listening in conversations, being asked where stuff was, stepping outside for phone calls and everyday being asked, 'what time are you finishing?'

I'm not sure that how I dress affects my work, I know a walk in the morning is always invigorating, so if I don't make it out at 7/8 am I make a point of going mid morning, work permitting. But I certainly feel more the part this morning and I'm going to make sure that I start getting back to wearing smarter clothes as more than anything it makes me feel good.

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