Face masks

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Face masks

Every day is different! Who new I'd get a call at the weekend from a factory owner in Leicester.

In a nutshell the hosiery factory have switched from making garments to making high volume face masks for high street retailers and companies all over the world.

I will be assisting in brining in business from other firms. However to service individuals who want masks and maybe concerned about where they come from, what they are made of or when they will arrive, I have set up a very small online shop. The orders from this site go straight to the factory to be packed and posted out within 24hours.

At the moment I am only supplying black masks, there will be more colours and patterns to come in the next few weeks, all of which I will load onto my website.

Note! these are not surgical masks but are ideal for visits to shops, work and general travel to keep your face covered and provide that added bit of reassurance and confidence.

They are very soft and comfortable. 6 for £7.50 with free postage within the UK.

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