Grated cheese

That's what I've dropped on my desk and on the floor! I really shouldn't eat my lunch at my desk.

It's quietly peaceful today, getting on with a current Shopify site which will hopefully go live early next week, quoting on a second one for a Leicestershire based engineering firm and designing a range of possible social media posts for another client.

My daughter has got to grips with her new learning book from school and I'm pleased her online classes now last till 1/2pm and not just the 2 hours of work she was doing.

My son is having a 'day of rest' after labouring for two days in a friends garden and my husband is back off furlough although still at home.

As usual I'm sat in my own little world being creative.

It was interesting being out yesterday visiting a new client, who held the meeting in their back garden, thankfully the sun was shining. Pleased we agreed on a plan for the new website and I look forward to starting it soon.


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