Groundhog day

It is starting to feel a bit like groundhog day. It has taken me several months so I guess I'm lagging behind the majority of the population. But now I do feel a sense of 'being stuck at home' working everyday with the relentless cooking, cleaning and picking up coupled with the thought of not going anywhere.

My work has kept me occupied and the work we are doing in our garden has given the family a project to focus on, but I now feel after all these weeks, finally its starting to get to me a bit. My dog walks have got longer and I want to stay out when I'm at the supermarket, looking at different foods, thinking of different things to buy almost as a new interest.

This week has been a tad quieter than last, which I welcome, a number of clients are gearing up to re-open and I think many business owners are preoccupied with this. My latest Shopify site went live for local outdoor Xtreme Wake this week! we've had to postpone adding the online booking, the video and several other aspects until the lake is fully functioning.

It's the first time I've created a website using the same template my own site is based on, I thought it suited the 'coolness' of the business. The owners seem really happy with it.

Project no.2 has begun for a local Accountancy firm, Fosse MSL. After creating their new branding last week, I've now started on the website. This one will be super simple, so I'm hoping it shouldn't take long to complete. The bones are there I'm just awaiting the content for the pages.

I might also today be designing a very quick and last minute holding page for a new product launching later this year, just waiting for this to be confirmed.

Time for a quick sit in the garden I think!!

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