Hello 2022

I'm a bit over due writing a blog! so here goes.

I feel like I've hit the frosty ground running this year which I'm really pleased about because this time last year was very challenging. Mainly because my elderly parents moved house, not only moving them was exhausting but the emotional side of getting them in their new home, settled and then realising I somehow needed to run my business around them which I now feel I have a little more finely tuned, whereas last year I'm not sure I coped all that well.

My son and husband both had leg surgeries too so that it's self during and after moving my parents seemed like a never ending few months of care, but we got there and we are all fine. Quack my business suffered a little bit inevitably, although I managed to keep my clients going several new projects were put on the back burner while I dealt with everyone else's lives.

2022 in comparison so far is full of calm, that might be down to all my new mindfulness training, more on that at the end of this year as I have a long road ahead of me until I'm a qualified teacher.

These past few weeks seem to be a bit Shopify mad with 4 new projects on board, 2 for 1 company and all really different so I'm very excited about that.

My focus this year is learning, more about what I can offer with Quack, brushing up on new trends, information and skills and also as I embark on my mindfulness course which over the next few years I plan to merge into Quack.

So lots on and really looking forward to it.

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