How can it be February?

How can it be February?

My desk has lime green post it notes all over it as my diary just doesn't seem to be enough at the moment. From family passport reminders to adding a favicon to a new website and reminders to collect my daughter from school.

Unlike me I am working on 3 Shopify websites at the moment, I usually limit myself to one at a time, but all three have been delayed by about a year with all the businesses getting caught up in covid, making swift changes and eventually changing their plans. With a fourth one in the wings.

I'm 2/3 of the way though a coffee shop website, adding all different types of bread for customers to order and incorporating the clients already established Shopify gift shop so the two sites link to one another. A re-design of a local landscaping business site which I initially designed about 3 years ago. It now needs a revamp, offers and information adding to it. Lastly a pop-up camper van roof site which when completed will be followed by a new camper van website. I think thats it? unless I've forgotten something... yes still a steel fabrication website to send live, a few issues with their email provider and getting it fixed.

A new social media project is underway working in conjunction with Karen Cureton of Cureton Consulting, a series of monthly social media posts to design, plus a new networking project with another client and I start a year long course next week.

BUT, always making time for some time out, countryside walks and catch up's over a cuppa each week!

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