It's not my decision

It's not my decision

I have to stop myself sometimes, coming up with more and more ideas and other times, I have to really put my thinking cap on.

A new client I'm working with who owns a new health and fitness website needed a fresher look, so we started with the logo, ''the very best place to start...'' you see it's not my decision which logo the client chooses. I always offer my opinion, but I'd never insist that someone had to choose my favourite design.

We started with an overall 'this is how your website could look' with an example of a logo and fresher colours and images. It did the trick.

In this instance, my favourite logo was the sun, sea, grass version but the client liked the two people walking, which I totally understand.

There are many designers out there who offer branding packages where you receive 1 or 2 logo ideas, and a whole host of information about why it's designed that way. Here at Quack, yes of course there is a story behind the logo and the many strap lines we devise but ultimately it comes down to presenting between 8-10 logo ideas, all very different with a few thrown in to make the client, 're-think.'

From those designs we narrow them down to 2 or 3 and the colour plalette, we then continue to work on the final version. This final version went through about 4/5 changes until it was approved. The logo comes with and without the strap line.

One thing I've also forgotten is that we went as far as to change the name of the business too! The original name had no bearing on the items that were being sold, so I scoured the internet for options. The unanimous decision was and was very quickly purchased.

There is still much to do... now onto the website.


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