Yep, jaded seems like a good word!

bored or lacking enthusiasm, typically after having had too much of something. "meals to tempt the most jaded appetites"

Although not bored but yes lacking some enthusiasm after having a full on weekend. Having to 'sit' at my desk and concentrate and be creative is not something I ever dread but this morning after the long bank holiday, I'm not sure where to start, although start I certainly have.

My diary has a list of about 19 things to get done or started today and by 11.30 I've ticked off 5, so I've got some work to do. My days now also focus on what exercise I'm going to fit in as for the past 5/6 weeks I've started to follow a daily plan, food: I wont call it a diet, but keeping an eye on it and also exercise. So I've done my 30 minutes yoga this morning and at lunch time I plan to go on a decent dog walk, probably 4/5 miles, briskly not a stroll. I have the option of 2 days a week off, but with a dog he still needs walking and I'm allowed more calories at the weekend. The first month has gone great, so I'm really happy about that and feel it's all very sustainable.

Despite my 'to do' list today, I've made this part of my essential day as being 'busy' is a poor excuse and it's about making the time and prioritising. I appreciate it's not that easy for other people and I'm more than happy to say I've tried this many times before, but not with the mindset I have this time. I'm not in a rush, and I think the older we get, our own physical and mental well being needs to be as important as our careers, if like me it's very important to you.

Work wise, I've got a couple of website projects on, some design, 2 events for clients to plan for May and June and lots of other smaller bits, plus my ongoing Mindfulness training to become a practitioner.

Feeling very happy though after the weekend, celebrating my son's 20th birthday and his rugby clubs, county cup win followed by a musical theatre competition for my daughter and her friends down in Essex, ending with a fab lunch out yesterday to re-celebrate the birthday. 

I'm not sure this week will be any quieter, but that's fine too.

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