Keeping busy

Blink and now it's the summer holidays. My thirteen year old was mulling around the house this morning, so I set her to work doing my expenses. I'm not sure she was prepared for how many months needed totalling up. But... she's got great attention for detail so ended up doing a really good job. As I told her, I'd only have to pay someone else to do it so why not pay her? Her older brother has also helped over the years.

I had a list of things to do this morning and to my surprise sped through them quite quickly and to time, so all in all, not a bad Monday or rather not a taxing Monday.

This week I have 2 meetings and a lovely afternoon tea, I don't usually like to book more than one 'out of the office' session in one week, but it's just how they've come about. Tomorrow I'm seeing a client to show them how to take over their new website. Wednesday a lovely lunch with a neighbour which we have been trying to plan for nearly a year and Thursday a meeting with a new client in Solihull and something completely new for me, they have a SquareSpace website! I'm adding an online shop to it. It will be very strange to even leave Leicestershire, let alone visit a clients business.

Masks and hand gel at the ready.

HEIDI going through my receipts today:

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