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Make it Xtreme

Very pleased to see the new Xtremevan website go live today. We have been working on it on and off since spring but put it all on hold over the summer because their sister company Xtreme Wake was so busy.

A few weeks ago after the lake closed for the season we picked up from where we left off. Although there is a video to add to the home page and also an online store, that will come after Christmas, for now it is live. Xtremevan's old website had been causing them many issues for several years and I started talking to the owner Jay about his site almost 4 years ago!! when I did a stint at someone else's company. The old site was very old and in the later years went wrong more than it went right.

Last year I designed the Xtreme wake site which Jay and Sarah have now taken over completely and earlier this year they asked me to design not bad going, 3 in succession. So now the team can take over this new website, another Shopify site and make it their own to update and change it as they wish.

I've really enjoyed designing these sites and I think there may be more in the pipeline through word of mouth.


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