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Oh my goodness Nov is nearly here

Sat at my desk (just for a change) with the patio doors open, yes it's Autumn but it is such a mild day. Slightly spooked by the Covid numbers and all the stats about, ventilation and numbers of people etc. But I guess we all are. Keeping as safe as we can, so I guess I just need to plough on.

Back to Quack and it's been a busy and interesting few weeks. Never a dull moment. My largest client has merged or is merging with another firm, Schroders no less. So my contract has come to an end along with all their staff. I have absolutely loved my 18 months working them, designing, creating and posting across their social media platforms and initially coming up with their 'house style.' I've learnt a great deal about family run businesses, investment companies and creating a really simple, tasteful social media branding for an extremely high profile business. I will miss the staff but it has been a great learning curve.

My latest Shopify project for a new Music studio goes live next week, I've loved working on something very different and hopefully 'over delivering on the customer's expectations.' Several other web projects on the horizon, not sure if they will come in before Christmas as a few customers are exceptionally busy.

Clients are up and down, some are either too busy, attempting to catch up since the summer or others are going through changes, moving premises and dealing with staff with Covid, so always a great deal to take on board in terms of keeping those clients on track.

I've had a very successful Facebook ad campaign running for one client, who is running a government funded workshop. In fact we've had to stall it for a week before setting it going again to take on a second batch of attendees. I was initially concerned because the target audience was tiny and very specific, but it has performed very well. Chatting to another client today about their hopes for Facebook advertising to launch a new business.

Hoping we get some children in costumes walk by our house tomorrow, as usual I have my decorations up outside!! I love it!!

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