Panting dog

As I sit here typing my Parson Russell Terrier, Buster is panting like mad after a run around the park. It's actually too warm and we would never usually walk him on such a warm day but he was desperate to go out. It has been a strange few weeks juggling my parents move and driving them about alongside all the usual work. I have purposely pulled out of various networking groups online and on Facebook as I felt they were detrimental to my working day. I started to feel I was wasting spare time and valuable work time being in groups which were of no actual use to myself and where I constantly got carried away with offering advice, literally everyday.

I will continue to offer advice to anyone but I think some of these groups can 'sap' your time and your energy. More focus on more 'high profile' networking groups and an when they arise while I get on with the day job.

Loving the late September summer, long may it stay.

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