Procrastination - the need for a bit more sparkle in my day

Sometimes I just sit at my desk nearly all day, forgetting to get up often enough and then realise I need to, falling out of the habit of walking the dog more than once. I do also find myself sitting at my desk when I know what I'm doing can be left or doesn't require that amount of time.

Other days I can be out for a meeting, usually Leicester or a meet up in a cafe or garden centre, they are my favourite kind of meetings.

Some weeks I feel I should get out much more as 8 years working at my desk on my own at home has only recently started to become a bit trying at times. Although I love the peace and quiet, and happy with my own company, maybe it's a delayed 7 year itch.

So to mix it up I'm going to do more with my Mindfulness business: this should fill in those in between days and keep me creative, motivated and feeling like I'm moving forward and doing something new.


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