Results Day

I'd forgotten despite it being in my diary and knowing in my mind it was A'Level results day today, until I saw another mums post on Facebook at 10 this morning. I texted my son and said 'please let us know what your results were, when you check your emails.' Although I saw him at 6.30 this morning as he left for work for his new job in thatching, I didn't remember it was results day. 

Very pleased he texted me to say he'd got his predicted grades, B B C. I did think one B might be an A and the C might be a B after conversations with his tutors but nevertheless we are all very happy and proud of him.

I guess it had slipped our minds as he started work 6/8 weeks ago and is very happy in his new career so the importance of the A'Level grades weren't as vital to us although still important as he never had any plans to go to Uni.

As the weather has changed to day from heatwave to damp cool air, I've had a day of designing social media posts and working on a new Shopify project for a local business.  Using a theme chosen and started by the client, which is a new one for me, which I have now taken on to complete. Several other Shopify quotes in the pipeline too, but so it will be interesting to see if those come off.


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