Social media post design & back to school

Really happy for my daughter who's gone back to school today. I already miss her coming up to kiss me and making me cups of tea! but really happy she's back wit her friends, albeit in a bit of strange class room arrangement.

It's very quite in our office at home, the sound of the trees in the wind, my husband tapping away on his computer and the odd 'bellowing' phone call he has.

We've even decided to escape for lunch together, wow what a treat that will be!!!

In terms of design, I am creating by the bucket load, many many social media posts for all sorts of different businesses. It it is all starting to take on the same approach and many businesses, pick me up and put me down as and when they need the posts designing, 12, 16, 20 in number to keep them going a few weeks, months etc. 

One of those new clients is the wonderful Jean Fleming, business coach. I've started watching her videos and reading everything she does, as I end up doing with most clients to gain a better understanding of their business.

Jean called me a couple of weeks ago and I asked her to send me her logo, some info, link to her website etc. I could see straight away 'who Jean was' what her aim was, loved her branding colours and her style and I said straight away 'I know what I need to do for you.' Jean sent me a list of about 24 different comments, sayings, quotes, tips etc. some with images. I devised a set of 4/5 different design formats for her, some with text, some text and image, some just the image, some with bold titles, all sat together and represented Jeans brand.

When clients say "I love it or it's perfect or it's better than I imagined' thats when I know 'I've got them.' I've read them right, I've listened to their needs and understood their message. Jean was one of those.

Below is one of the design styles for Jean's posts, they all vary, but are all, very clean and simple, clear and use great photography. In fact I replaced a lot of the images Jean sent me because I felt I could find nicer ones for her.

Sometimes all people need is someone else's take on who they are and how they can portray their message across social media in an interesting, tasteful manner.

Jean's posts wont all be graphic like the one below, sometimes they will just be comments from her and also her videos so she has a complete mix of media.

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