The new everyday normal

It's Monday, I'm at my desk, I sat down at about 8.30 this morning and it's been a full on morning. Very excited to be working with a new client, someone I've known for years but contacted me out of the blue. He like many business owners are starting to realise it might be some time before they visit clients again or work in other offices so he needs an online identity for Linkedin and Twitter and a website, a clean simple easy to navigate site to refer potential prospects to. He has no real branding or corporate id in place so for me he has nothing from which to build on.

It's become, I'd say almost a starting point for me now to present a small 1 or 2 page A4 document, something I really need to give a name too...??? so let's call it an 'ID Portfolio.' The client sends me information about their business, their products, services, info about them, hobbies, family, favourite colours even. From all of this info I put together a moodboard of sorts, of images, colours, logos, strap lines, tone of voice and then during this process it leads me several options for the client which I include in the presentation.

From this document the client is given a clear path of how his brand can look, what his website and social media posts could look like and guidance on how to post, when to post, what to post about to enable him to share the main factors and strengths of his business without  having to divulge who his clients are.

I'm looking forward to it and also his homemade logo is currently blue, I very much have green on my mind!

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