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The noise!

Banging, drilling, the sound of glass breaking... as my new office window goes in this morning. Not just my office window but the windows (minus 1 as it was too big) for the back of our house, in time for winter. The one window I really wanted replacing and it's 20mm too wide, hey ho, we can cope for a few more months, we've waited all these years!

I'm working from my kitchen today and possibly tomorrow so I'm out the way, with Buster (my terrier) curled up in his bed near me to keep him away from all the shrapnel. 

My diary pages are now a kaleidoscope of colour as I glance down at my 'to do' lists thanks to my daughter suggesting I wrote all my daily notes down in different coloured gel pens... genius idea! it all looks so much prettier.

I'm working on several Shopify websites but all are mid way through with very busy business owners opening new shops and coping with the run up to Christmas, so it's all a bit drawn out at the moment. Social media post design as usual and yesterday I designed a post for one client with a meeting for a new project, possibly a small event, to go through next week.

I don't tend to make new years resolutions I've always thought they never came to anything so for the past few years I've started to plan the following year during Nov/Dec, changes, plans and goals, that way January comes and I'm already in the right mindset with a clear (ish) path ahead.

Celebrating 5 years of Quack (full time) 8 years in total in February I've decided to venture into the unknown and I'm in the middle of signing up to one or several year to two year training courses. 

As I get older I want to make sure I have longevity in my business and over the past few years have felt the need to learn and expand my mind, as well as helping other people in business, decisions decisions.

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