The washing is on the line

A little interlude this morning alongside the usual work. There is no getting away from it when you work from home and I think it's really important to get up very regularly from my desk and stretch my legs, so I'd might as well use that time well. It's a Shopify day and one of design ideas for a few people, so lots of thinking going on... I quite like days like this. Having the time to think about the way something will look, checking with the client to see if they like it too, I find quite relaxing.

I think when you run your own business although there are many hats to wear and many plates to keep in the air you've got to work in the moment and not constantly think of all the other things that need doing. So this morning I'm concentrating firstly on the design project I'm working on and not worrying about all the other work. The sun is shining so I'm very happy, not sure I'll have time to enjoy it today but but the view outside my window is enough and I'll be sure to get out for a dog walk later.

I've got to say I'm happy enough even when the sun doesn't shine.

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