Things are changing

I can feel life starting to pick up a bit, especially for my kids. My son is spending a week with a company deciding if he wants to join them on an apprenticeship and his rugby training has started up again... although no contact. I've just dropped my daughter off at the park to meet a few friends, I'm so happy for her to get out a bit, be with friends to chat like teenagers do.

I've got on fine with my morning but now waiting for various people to get back to me, hence time to write my blog. Several Shopify websites on the go, two to finish off, almost there and waiting to hear about the new one that needs starting. The weather today is so beautiful, I was out at 7.30am this morning walking for an hour, best time of the day and clears my head before I sit down at the mac. Loving the weather, long may it stay.

My walk this morning...

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