Watching the leaves fall...

I'm obviously working while watching the leaves fall!

I don't like to say 'I've had a busy week' but I have had a very full week, today being no exception. Many many social media posts have been designed, imagined and thought through, along with selected posting and Facebook advertising which I'm pleased to say is performing very well.

My hands are cold as I type and the enormous trees outside my office window are turning amber.

I try not to think about what's going on in the world and concentrate solely on work while I'm at my desk. I guess none of us have any idea how this pandemic will pan out so all we can do is keep living our lives and striving forward with our businesses and our families.

I've been introduced to several new clients this week, hoping to chat to them next week and take it from there. I never assume that they will be 'my next client' I don't like to assume nor would I like to take on a business who I didn't think I could really add value to. But I'm grateful for the opportunity.

New logo and branding for me!! black and white is quite a leap for someone like me who loves colour. But I like it, it has more presence than just my name and I've been trialing all sorts of ideas over the summer, then this week I came up with my egg on legs. WHY NOT? 

Enjoying my latest Shopify project for a local sound and music studio, due to open end of month. Very different and I've loved coming up with their branding and colours too, black, gold, silver, petrol blue.

Super busy weekend ahead... I don't plan to be sitting at my Mac!

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