Where has my mojo gone?

Where has my mojo gone?


Its only been 3 days!

How can 3 days feel like 2 weeks? and how do I regain my mojo after Christmas?

So then... I officially closed on Wed 23rd Dec and today is the 28th, including the weekend, I only had two workdays off for Christmas, not including the much quieter week I will have this week and New Year.
Usually, we would be away skiing and I would be stealing hours from my morning, late afternoons and messages on my phone to keep on top of things, but this year as travel is out of the question, I sat down at my desk as I would any normal Monday. However today isn't normal, I'm tired, my morning shower is delayed till midday, I'm sat in a hoodie and shorts, legs covered by a huge blanket and sat beside a mock log burner gas fire.

The kids are watching a film, my husband has checked his emails & work and now planning our trip to the tip at lunchtime.
So how do I get 'back into my groove and has my mojo left me?'

I wasn't expecting a magic formula, I guess there isn't one, so I'm left wandering, 'where did my unfailing motivation go? and how do I get it back?'
Well, I think I have the answer: it went the minute I sent live and handed over my final project of the year, there were two. A new Shopify website for a local music studio which took me to the wire and a box of 2000 freshly printed business cards to a client, the delivery of which had been attempted for 4 days but was interrupted by torrential rain, the website and last-minute work. I felt a huge sense of relief.
That was the moment! The moment I switched off, completely.

When you work for yourself, you can't believe it will happen. The fact that you have completed all that needs completing and everyone knows you're closed for Christmas. Don't get me wrong I love my job, but I love Christmas and I was starting to feel quite desperate to switch off and not have my teenage kids ask 'I thought you'd finished?' 20 times over.

So back to my mojo!
Where did it go? well, I don't think it went anywhere, I think it was tired and needed a rest. I've decided I'm not going to force things, so what if today is a 'go slow' I think I deserve it. I can feel my mojo within me, a little bit and I'm prepared to give it time to bubble to the surface, in its own time.
Secondly, I'm not going to expect miracles, I'm going to allow myself to get the work done that needs doing today, in fact, I can see already it won't be a full day back. I'm going to allow myself to take it steady, anyway you tend to come up with better ideas when you give yourself more time.
Thirdly I'm going to embrace my slower speed, laziness you could call it, today. Not every day can be 100% full on. We're all fine at home, my work is getting done, no one is chasing me or complaining about their work so I must be doing ok? A stroll through Oakham is planned for this afternoon, masked up and away from others, as my Aussie pal put it yesterday 'just stay away from people.'

I think my mojo will like Oakham, it might be, just what it needs!

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