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A few weeks ago I got a call from Michelle Kent, PT and Sports Massage Therapist. I stupidly thought she was going to ask me about her new re-brand, which she did in the end, but began by asking if I'd return to her Wednesday morning circuit training class, caught totally unawares of course I replied 'yes.' Without a minute to think, I just thought... 'well I really need to go' hence my reply.

Michelle then went on to say she was ready to pick up from where we left off last year having started her re-brand from Kent Country Fitness to Victory Fitness.

My husband Nick came up with the name after being nosey and listening to our conversation, the hazards of sharing an office space! Victory because it's the name of Michelle's Farm where the business is run from, it made perfect sense, so we were both quite grateful.

I designed the logo, many options of it and Michelle decided on the crown design sticking with her original colours of gold and grey, for some continuity.

Covid hit.

Last month Michelle had all her workwear printed by One Stop Promotions in Shepshed, so now it was time to discuss business cards, car graphics and her website re-brand. Business cards decided... almost, just the car and the website and we will be finished.

Living up the road from me makes all of this much easier and quicker and it will be great to see this project through to the end.

I snapped a quick pic of Michelle this morning sporting her new printed jacket which looks great, we had to tweak the yellow to make it brighter and change the text from black to white to make sure it had some impact on the black jacket. We've now changed the gold in the logo to a brighter yellow too.


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