Pretty pretty

Pretty pretty

Occasionally I get to work on something pretty. I like bold and bright and colourful but when someone asks for something delicate, pretty, subtle and soft it's a lovely change and even better because subtle can take more time to achieve.

This particular project which hasn't been completed yet is for a props and hire company looking to re-brand, switch up their colour palette and make some minor changes. It's amazing what a difference a softer shade pink does or introducing a grey. The client supplied her own colour palette which is lovely but it needed a darker shade adding, I suggested a mid/dark grey, to add to the subtle shades.

Adding the grey will allow the new logo to 'pop' too soft and faint and no one will be able to read it. I've created a selection of 4 ideas, square and round (for Instagram) and then once a direction from those was taken I've worked up the three formats the client liked with a few minor changes and based on those designed another 3 options.

All the new branding ideas have now been sent to the client and I will await their decision. I'm always happy to tweak and amend.

I don't take weeks to get back to clients on branded work, in this case it will have been completed in a matter of days. Waiting on images to start another project it gave me a window to get on with this smaller project.

Below are 2 of the 5 colours the client sent me, and it goes to show how different a word can look just by changing the typeface.

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