Thinking about Spring

I've taken to making trips out into the back garden to see how my many bulbs are coming up. Not usually one to wish my life away but like most I am looking forward to Spring. I planted a whole host of new tuplips, sick of always forgetting to, of course last year I had more time to think and plan. My next project in the garden is growing some green beans, I've drawn myself a plan of how and when to sew the seeds and make sure I get all the equipment I need.

It's been a busy but disjointed few weeks at Quack, several Shopify projects on but at varying stages and 2 of which have been very slow to get started. A small new site was secured today for a local engineering firm. We've tidied up another Shopify site and got that looking and working much better. New marketing project underway for a local Charity, but it's a softly softy approach, a new enterprise which is launching in March, here in Leicester, it should build over the next few weeks.

I woke up with renewed vigor this morning, something that had been lacking the past week or so, I'm putting it down to the worry of my son's ACL operation last week. Very pleased he's home, the op went well and today, post op day 4, he has been great. I feel I can now concentrate 100% on work as he's getting about gently on crutches and managing his pain too. It's half term for my daughter but it just feels like every other week at the moment.

A long dog walk at lunchtime today was a very welcome break. Full on Shopify day tomorrow, in fact it will be for the next few weeks. I like the variety of projects we have, they are all so different.

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