Fresh air

Fresh air

I took yesterday off drove to Windsor and enjoyed a wonderful day walking round the castle and soaking up the atmosphere. 

A complete break from the day to day, lots of fresh air and only a little rain. I absolutely loved it.

Mixed in with 2021's goals were also some personal goals like visiting all the wonderful places I have seen throughout my working life of always being 'too busy'. It's easy to feel that you need to stay glued to your office chair 24 hours a day when you work for yourself, forgetting it's you who calls the shots.

Yes, I had to start at 6.30 am this morning to catch up and plan my day, but a few extra hours were well worth the time off.

My next day out is at the end of the month to the theatre (pre planned with my daughter) and in the meantime I'll start planning a day out in August, I wonder where I will venture next?


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